New update on Retro-glamour

Hi all especially members.

I’m sorry for the long break which was due to circumstances beyond my control.

There is now a new update on the site and there will be at least 3 more this week to make up for the gap.

This first update is a video of Harriet (or Holly Kiss as most of you may know her) The still may not represent the video as I’m still having to sort out a lot of confusion on my system but I dont think you will be disappointed about the video.

Also, I can’t promise for certain, but I’m 90% sure I’m going to be able to convince my wife to start her own site or at least post some galleries on Retro, not sure which yet.

I hope that os interest. Let me know. Here’s just a couple of pics to whet your appetite. Don’t be shy in your comments. She might not be willing to show everything but she is very broadminded!


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I owe an apology to members of as I have not added an update this week.

We are in the middle of moving house and everything is very fluid to say the least!

I probably wont be able to get the update done until we have moved, which is Monday, but to make up for it I’ll give you three updates next week.








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Michaela free video

Those of you who follow me here and on twitter (@seymour_legg) will know one of my favourite ladies to photograph is Michaela. She has the most gorgeous tits and loves giving me a worms eye view up her skirt. She says that her husband insists on a detailed review of the shoot and it invariably gets him very hot. Its unfortunate she wont go further.

She has however done a few shoots with other photographers and one video of her with another lady who I used to shoot quite a lot is floating around on the net so I thought you might like to see her in action in her day job, although perhaps she doesn’t always get this frisky!

Click here to download it

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A selection of updates from previous weeks

Here’s just a few of the varied upskirt shots on

And a few more of the varied upskirt shots on


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More free images

A further selection of pics I’ve posted on Twitter recently

angie_and_tia-31 holly3x-28 inka2x-9 jane2-36 jenny1x-41 jess5-25 jess9-56 kayla1x-21

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Free behind the scenes video

Sometimes when I’m shooting I will leave a video camera running to record the shoot for various reasons and I thought you might like to see this extract. The quality is not brilliant as its just left to look after itself but the content should make up for that.

Its of Cathy a super sexy MILF that I really enjoyed working with.

Here’s the link:


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More examples of what’s in Retro-Glamour

Just a few more examples of the sort of photos thats in my site

satine2x-10 nikki_and_natasha-108 mackenzie1-62 kelly1x-58 kayla2x-13 jess3-40 janice1-30 jane6-30 img_2252 img_0412

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Another collection from my Twitter feed

catherine2-35 cathy2-14 danielle2-38 danielle3-29 erin1-6 erin2-20 holly7x-40 img_0412 img_2252Dont forget the thousands of similar images on my website 



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More from my Twitter feed

Here’s a few more that I’ve posted on my twitter feed @seymour_legg and of course full sets on my sites and

jules1-43 kerry3-38 masie1x-19 michaella1-40 natalie3-46 shar1-24 tiffany1-4

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Latest Tweets

Here’s the latest photo’s from my Twitter feed. See lots more on my sites and

cathy1x-19 claudine_17_3 erin1x-10 holly1-51 holly1x-62 img_5457 img_7583 jacquie2-34 jane3-36

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