More free images

A further selection of pics I’ve posted on Twitter recently

angie_and_tia-31 holly3x-28 inka2x-9 jane2-36 jenny1x-41 jess5-25 jess9-56 kayla1x-21

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Free behind the scenes video

Sometimes when I’m shooting I will leave a video camera running to record the shoot for various reasons and I thought you might like to see this extract. The quality is not brilliant as its just left to look after itself but the content should make up for that.

Its of Cathy a super sexy MILF that I really enjoyed working with.

Here’s the link:


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More examples of what’s in Retro-Glamour

Just a few more examples of the sort of photos thats in my site

satine2x-10 nikki_and_natasha-108 mackenzie1-62 kelly1x-58 kayla2x-13 jess3-40 janice1-30 jane6-30 img_2252 img_0412

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Another collection from my Twitter feed

catherine2-35 cathy2-14 danielle2-38 danielle3-29 erin1-6 erin2-20 holly7x-40 img_0412 img_2252Dont forget the thousands of similar images on my website 



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More from my Twitter feed

Here’s a few more that I’ve posted on my twitter feed @seymour_legg and of course full sets on my sites and

jules1-43 kerry3-38 masie1x-19 michaella1-40 natalie3-46 shar1-24 tiffany1-4

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Latest Tweets

Here’s the latest photo’s from my Twitter feed. See lots more on my sites and

cathy1x-19 claudine_17_3 erin1x-10 holly1-51 holly1x-62 img_5457 img_7583 jacquie2-34 jane3-36

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Latest Tweet photos

Great friends – see how far they go at


Mm think she is enjoying my eyes looking up her skirt. Check her out at


Just looking Miss! See more at  img_9880

Husband and wife enjoying themselves at  j-k-61

Toys R us in Linda’s household! Check her out at  linda_kitch_53

Silly careless MILF, not that I mind! See more at  louise_toy_20

Toys seem very popular today, perhaps all their husbands are exhausted after xmas! See more of her at  oven45

Flat on her back @faye_rampton is happiest! See much more at  stew22

Her toys have to be large to make her really smile! See how big at  warmup40

@wendyscam not keeping her legs together – how unusual! See more at  white20

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This weeks site update details

First the site updates this week – Retro Glamour has had two videos Anna and Alison both wearing slips as well as all the usual sexy undies and showing for for long hot minutes with the camera going straight up their skirts from a worms eye view. Mm Go to the site to see nearly 30 minutes of upskirt heaven.



Then the update on is Sophia. We are sitting in a busy pub garden and she happily shows me all her underwear for you all to enjoy.





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Todays Twitter photos

In case you missed them I’ll add the photos I’m posting on Twitter and elsewhere here so you can enjoy them at a better size. Don’t miss out on the thousands of similar photos and videos on my site

ashleigh-14 ashleigh-90 img_0198 img_4362 img_4538 img_5181 img_8376 img_8406 img_9399



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Taster video from Sophisticated Flashers

I thought you might like to see some clips from some of the gorgeous ladies who show it all in public on Sophisticated Flashers. Click on the link below and download a trailer showing nearly 4 minutes of these ladies displaying their underwear and much more in public Taster.wmv



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