The Awakening of Mary – Chapter 5

A serialisation of my first erotic Novel – please do leave comments at the end

Normal staid everyday life stuck its boring head back up on Monday morning after this journey into debauchery. I needed to go into work while Mary had to attend a charity trustee board meeting, so we were going, somehow, to have to put our sexual adventures on the back burner.

I contacted Sam to organise a day to go over there so Mary could get fucked by him, but as the fates would have it, when I phoned him he told me he had heard over the weekend he’d received an urgent commission abroad. There was no way he couldn’t do it, and he’d be away for at least a month. Shit. I can’t say how disappointed I was. The number of times I’d fantasised over the weekend about his cock sinking deep into my wife. Mary would be gutted. We would need to think of something else instead.

We talked it over that evening. I was desperate to make that fateful step, to be screwed by someone other than my husband. Sam had perfectly fitted the bill as he was almost a stranger but it wasn’t like walking up to someone in the street. Could I do that? Be fucked by a total stranger? Easily, thinking about it in the comfort of my home, but in reality? Who knew? I was desperate to find out. Soon.

I needed to do something, and quickly. I was afraid I might change my mind.

We settled on me trying flashing and having sex with Dan somewhere public. It seemed a good way to start. After all, just letting people see my undies wasn’t a big deal. Was it? To Old Mary, it would have been the end of the world. The embarrassment. How much of Old Mary was still in me though? Tucked up in bed with Dan, completely enjoying his touch and cock for the first time in my life there was none, but I was realistic enough to appreciate that out on the street, in the car or a pub things could be very different. Not knowing if I had the guts to do this was eating me up.

The public sex was a huge step for me, but I anticipated finding a quiet multi-storey car park for Dan to fuck me in the back seat. That shouldn’t be too nerve-racking. Should it?

We decided to go on Saturday; take a lengthy drive up the motorway, so I had an opportunity to flash the lorry drivers, then have lunch in a pub somewhere, where hopefully I’d get to show off my tits and pussy, if my courage didn’t desert me, and then find a car park where Dan could give me a hard fucking.

That was the plan.

We discussed the clothes I’d wear. We decided on a wrap-around skirt which would be easy for me to open in the car, and claim accidental exposure in the pub if anyone complained. We went through my wardrobe for a top, but nothing seemed right, so Dan tasked me to buy something suitable. A real bonus. Shopping. For something sexy. How my attitude had changed since I refused to shop for sexy undies. Dan suggested finding a sheer white or black blouse that would either let everyone see my bra or more likely if my courage held, how hard my nipples were. A jacket would provide the necessary modesty if needed. Lingerie was ok. I now had the selection we had bought for the shoot. We’d wait to see what colour the blouse was before finalising the choice. Dan said I had to wear dark stockings so it would be easy for anyone looking into the car to see what I was wearing. A nice neat pair of black shoes with four-inch heels completed the outfit. I couldn’t wait. I felt so hot just thinking about letting as many men as possible see me revealing everything.

Saturday took forever to arrive. Mary had bought a beautifully sheer, black blouse, which showed to perfection the lacy black bra she wore that morning. I was hoping I’d be able to talk her into taking the bra off. Without it, her nipples were visible through the blouse. We were both hot at the thought of her sitting in a pub with her nipples on display.

Even just seeing Mary dressed like that was making me hard. Fingers crossed she wouldn’t get cold feet.

To say I was nervous that morning was like saying Buckingham Palace was a bijou residence. I felt as I did when I went to undress for the photoshoot although with a subtle difference. This time there was real excitement combined with the moistening below.

I still had lingering doubts. The time had arrived to see if I was capable of this.

We had a route planned. We would spend about an hour on the motorway before turning off for a pub we had found on Trip Advisor, which looked perfect for my revelations. Other than that, what we did would depend on what opportunities presented themselves.

Could – would – I take those opportunities? Put up or shut time was here.

Our drive started through town, a slow drive with pedestrians everywhere. I didn’t have the coat on but my skirt was firmly over my legs.

Dan looked across.

“You look petrified.”

“Thank you so much, Darling, that’s really bolstered my confidence.”

“Rubbish, once you are underway you will love it.”

Before I could reply he’d reached across and opened the skirt to reveal my legs, my stocking tops and suspenders. My reaction was to cover up but he grasped my hand.

“Huh, No, darling, leave it be. Watch for reactions.”

He was right. This is stupid, I had to start sometime. I took a deep breath and pushed the skirt wider so now my knickers were on view too. That simple act triggered something deep inside me. The same feeling as when I’d dropped my bra in the studio. The apprehension disappeared. A new feeling took its place. A wanton, devil may care feeling.

 For a while, nothing happened. The speed we were travelling meant nobody had a chance to react, but then we got stuck in traffic. The number of people walking by on the pavement was increasing. I had a huge urge to tug the skirt closed but resisted it. Then I saw him. In the passenger rear-view mirror. A cyclist had come up on the inside. He had stopped slightly behind me, having a great look at my stocking-clad legs and suspenders.

A man; a total stranger. Looking at what Old Mary would have described as her most intimate garments.

That was it. If there were any remaining doubts they disappeared. My heart pumped harder as I raised my right leg, put my foot on the dashboard and rubbed myself through my knickers. The cyclist edged forward to get a better view. Could I bring myself to acknowledge him? I looked up and smiled. This simple act produced a torrent of juices. Involuntarily my hand went into my knickers. I was soaking. I still looked at the stranger. I pulled my knickers aside. He nearly fell off! I wanted to finger myself in front of this man. Damn. The traffic moved, and we sped away from him.

Now I had no desire to cover myself. I rather wished I didn’t have the bra on as my nipples were as hard as cherry stones. They would have stood out beautifully against the sheer blouse but it was difficult with the seat belt on to remove it so I decided to take my knickers off.

The traffic had slowed, with pedestrians scurrying back and forth. Having had the cyclist watch me though, I desperately needed more; I lifted my bottom off the seat, put my thumbs in the waist of my knickers, and pulled them off. I bent down to get them over my shoes.

The traffic was now stationary. We were in an old part of town and the pavement was raised almost to car roof height.

When I sat back up, I had two teenage lads, aged about eighteen or nineteen, leaning over the railings looking into the car. Their faces were a study. The car wasn’t moving, nor were they, so I cupped my breasts in my hands and squeezed them together wondering what it would be like to have both in bed with me. I wondered about suggesting to Dan we gave them a lift, but the traffic intervened again, and we moved off. I was now so, so wet. I wanted the car to stop again so I could have an audience, but unluckily the traffic kept flowing. A bit like my pussy. I was gently massaging my clit whilst looking at the people flashing by, now with so much more confidence of where I was going with this I even began imagining who would be the first guy I got to fuck.

The two incidents in town had supercharged the atmosphere in the car. I desperately wanted to find a man for Mary or I feared we’d burst with frustration.

It was abundantly clear she was loving every minute of this. Now she had exposed herself in public I began to think she would let herself be screwed by a stranger. That had not been our original plan, but if things went the way I hoped I’d get a stranger ramming into my darling.

We were now on the motorway both looking forward to her giving lorry drivers an eyeful. She’d put the bra on this morning, still not being sure she dared to flash her tits, but there was no doubt now, so we decided that as soon as we found a suitable lorry she would take her blouse and bra off while we were travelling alongside.

It didn’t take long to find one. I moved over to the middle lane and slowly moved up beside the cab. Mary glanced up to see if the driver had noticed her as she still had her skirt up around her waist, but she didn’t think he could see much, he was so high up she reckoned the angle would be too sharp to see anything apart from her left leg.

“Shit,” I said, “So, what we need is a transit van sort of thing.”

“Yes, that should do it.” So I hit the accelerator and went hunting again.

That was frustrating. I’d got myself geared up to display my tits when I realised he probably couldn’t see. Still, hopefully, it wouldn’t take long to find a van. It didn’t.

A white transit appeared ahead, so Dan repeated drawing up alongside. As we had been overtaking, then matched the van’s speed, we must have attracted the driver’s attention, as he glanced across at us as I looked up. He had an uninterrupted view of my legs, stockings, suspenders and hairy triangle. I think Dan’s idea of black stockings was right as they were so obvious against my skin. I beamed at the driver, gave him a little wave to let him know I didn’t mind him looking, and took off my blouse.

Now you guys won’t have done it, but it was a nightmare getting the blouse over my head whilst still belted in. After all, I didn’t want to break the law by undoing it! At last, it was off. I looked to check I still had white van man’s attention. I did. His glances between me and the road were almost like him watching a tennis match except he seemed to spend more time looking in my direction.

God, I hoped we wouldn’t cause an accident. I reached up behind me, undid the clasps of my bra, pulled it off and let it fall to the floor, then I massaged my tits to encourage my nipples to hardness. Not that they needed much help. I could now see that White Van Man was steering one-handed.

“Wonder what he’s doing with the other one?” I asked Dan. That’s when I realised he was doing the same thing. I kept one hand fingering a nipple, the other went between my legs to work on my clit. Why should I be the only one not playing with myself? I was in heaven and said so to Dan.

“Careful what you wish for,” he said, “he’s weaving about a bit. We need to stop this before there’s an accident, but I’ve got an idea.”

I asked Mary if she had a pen and paper. I explained what I had in mind.

“Brilliant, yes!” came back the reply. She rummaged around in her bag and found an old flyer but no pen so I told her to use her lipstick. She wrote ‘follow me’ on the paper then held it against the window. The driver saw it, gave a thumbs up – now there’s a surprise- so I moved ahead of him.

I’d remembered that there was a service area a couple of miles ahead. I had hopes I might get Mary fucked by White Van Man there. Concentrating on the driving was hell for me. I had an enormous hard-on, thinking about what might be coming. Mary was still quietly fingering herself. I can’t imagine what it was like for the van driver.

I wondered what he thought might be at the end of it. I realised I had no idea what he looked like. Young? Old? Ugly? Fat? Presumably, acceptable to Mary but then probably, like me, she was thinking as long as he had a functioning cock we didn’t mind. I asked her for a description. “Er, I couldn’t see that well but he’s no Brad Pitt.”

So, Dan was planning on getting me fucked by this stranger. No more dreaming about it. No more fantasising. This was it. For real. Did I want to do it? Could I do it? The answer to the first was an unequivocal yes. The answer to the second was, I didn’t know.

But I’d soon find out.

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