The Awakening of Mary – Chapter 4

A serialisation of my first erotic Novel – please do leave comments at the end

Our discussion took some time. What had been unleashed in my gorgeous Mary? This seemingly unquenchable thirst for sex. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining. I couldn’t have been happier, but I was just having difficulty in understanding the intensity, the speed of the sea change. We kept getting sidetracked. If I told you I came half a dozen times that night, you wouldn’t believe me, and you would be right not to. What isn’t a lie though, is that Mary experienced three shattering orgasms, from just my tongue and fingers.

What a 24 hours. No going back. I was aching to get another man’s cock in me. At least I thought I was. But was I sure? Had I deliberately made Sam come so I didn’t have to decide if I wanted him in me? My libido said no but my head? So many doubts.

It was ridiculous. What had caused my attitude to change so fast? I’ve never experienced any man’s cock apart from Dan’s. Twenty-three years of him patiently making love to his almost frigid wife. Now, suddenly, I was talking about getting fucked by strangers! I was dreaming. Yes. That must be the answer. I was certain I’d wake up to find I’m still the Old Mary. If that’s the case I decided I didn’t want to wake up. I didn’t want to go back to being Old Mary. The feelings since Sam convinced me to take my bra off in front of him were like none I’d ever experienced before. What opened the floodgates I didn’t know and I did’t care.

How could I have done what I did with Sam? Old Mary didn’t even enjoy sucking Dan, no way would she have swallowed his cum. But there, with a man I’d only just met, I did and would have let him screw me if he hadn’t come early.

The world of sex needed exploring. I didn’t know what was out there. I was too naive. God, I was forty-three, and my knowledge of sex was zero, zilch, nil. I vowed that the next hundred days would see that resolved.

 How I did it didn’t concern me. When I went into the house and stripped off, waiting for Dan, I was praying he would go along with my thoughts. Thankfully, he was more than up for it (Yes, the pun was intended). The fuck was animalistic. No love, no passion, just hard rutting sex. It took me to new heights, or perhaps depths. Our inhibitions had disappeared. Seems strange to say that, considering we’d been married for over two decades, but total openness regarding sex had never been something easy. To me. Definitely my fault. As the Old Mary, the Mary of a few days ago, she would have been aghast at what the new, slutty Mary was doing, considering, and talking about.

We took it in turns telling each other where we hoped we might go from here. Anywhere, seemed to be the answer. The major stipulation we made was that any sexual activity would always be in the presence of the other partner. That was partly so there was no chance of jealousy, although we considered that a remote possibility, but mainly to give me the confidence to do what I felt, deep down, I desperately wanted to do. But I needed Dan’s unconditional support. If he was there, watching, I would know I had it.

All the talk initially was about what I craved. With help from Google, to show me some ideas (remember until only a week ago I didn’t look at porn), we decided to join ‘readers’ wives’ type forums, to try to find local dogging locations, (that one needed explaining), and for me to try flashing and public sex. Boy, these ideas turned us on.

I asked Dan what he required out of it. He tried to convince me that watching me was a huge turn on and enough for him, but I felt he ought to get more, so I pressed him if he wanted to fuck other women.

 “Do you think watching me screw another woman would turn you on as much as the reverse does me?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I honestly replied, “but there’s only one way to find out,” so it went on our ‘to do’ list.

Then back to me. We were now moving into sexual deviations. Oh my god. That’s the Old Mary raising her moral judgement. Back in your box Old Mary, no time for you now.

Amongst the things we looked at were bondage, spanking, humiliation, and water sports.

We agreed that although the thought of being tied up and fucked was a turn on, the ornate rope tying shown on a lot of the sites did nothing for us at all. Spanking though. Mm, I was up for that. To what level I’m not sure, but we decided we would experiment.

Dan got aroused over the humiliation scene. Watching me get fucked is a form of it I suppose. He also admitted he was more than up for having his cock slapped and his face sat on. Who would have guessed? My prudishness meant he’d kept these desires buttoned up, so I resolved then to make sure he got to experience all this.

Then water-sports. Again, until we looked at the sites, I had no idea what that meant. The jury was out on that one. Something made me think we might end up trying it, but at the moment, there were more enticing ideas beckoning.

Twenty-three years wasted, twenty-five if you count the time we were going out before we were married. I needed to make it up to him. That evening had been a voyage of discovery showing me an unknown world of sex and sexual activity.

Of course I knew it existed. Old Mary would tut, tut, over reports in the paper, or discussions with her friends, whenever something slightly risqué was reported. But the detail. That there were so many ‘ordinary’ people who were enjoying sex, and who were prepared to let the world see they were enjoying it, was a revelation.

The range of activities astounded me. I won’t call them kinks. I’ll leave that term to Old Mary. I admit we had seen some I wouldn’t want to try, but as long as they were legal, then I now saw no reason to consider them wrong. It was a case of one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Er, perhaps the term meat here is not appropriate, but you understand what I mean.

What were my fetishes? What would turn me on the most? I said earlier, looking at certain of these sites on the web caused my juices to flow, but in the flesh, I wondered which I would embrace.

I asked Dan what his triggers were and his answer surprised me. I should have known; of course I should have known. For god’s sake, I’d been his wife for a quarter of a century, but with my upbringing not only would I not countenance such a conversation, but the Old Mary would have accused him of being a pervert. In spades. His kink? Underwear. Yeah, way out on the edge of human depravity! Apparently, he gets more turned on by seeing women in sexy lingerie than seeing them naked. It excites him to see an errant bra strap, or a quick glimpse down a blouse, or a view up a skirt. Well, well. Old Mary living with a dirty old man. Lucky her!

That was the one he was aware of. Others, like me, he would have to discover, although the humiliation, cock slapping photos we’d viewed certainly excited him! I realised I might quite enjoy administering that!

To say browsing these sites was an eye-opener would be a massive understatement. From men dressed in nappies to women wearing gas masks. I had real trouble keeping Old Mary at bay with some of the things we viewed. I was so close to commenting ‘yuk,’ or ‘that’s disgusting,’ frequently, but then the New Mary asserted herself, making it plain that she understood that there was no harm in any of it. It was consenting adults doing what they enjoy. After all, not everyone enjoys football or Brussel sprouts. What a less colourful world it would be if they did.

Who knew, when you looked at where I was that evening compared to where I was only a few weeks earlier, it was impossible to say what my eventual destination might be.

So everything was on the table; a better metaphor might be in the bed, but for now, our – my – focus needed to be on finding a man to fuck me. My heart, my libido, was telling me I wanted it, desperately craved it, and would embrace sleeping around. My head was not so sure. What if I found I couldn’t? All this glib talk of bondage and dogging would be just that, glib talk. I needed to resolve this as soon as possible.

We discussed the quickest way to achieve it. Given our lack of experience on how to find men to fuck, the obvious thing was to see if Sam would screw me. After all, that was the way we’d left it. So we decided, first thing Monday morning, Dan would contact him to arrange a date. The sooner the better from my point of view. I was convinced once I was over that hurdle, no others would be a problem, but I needed to get rid of the niggling doubt that I might back out when faced with it for real.

Chapter 5 is here

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