The Awakening of Mary – Chapter 2

A serialisation of my first erotic Novel – please do leave comments at the end

A week after our life-changing afternoon we arrived back at Sam’s to view the photographs and hopefully get Mary to experience a new cock. When I contacted him after the weekend to arrange an appointment he inquired if we were happy with the shoot. Happy? Ecstatic was the word that came to mind, but I merely said we had enjoyed it and how Mary couldn’t wait to see the results and possibly give it another go. I didn’t mention my desire to see his cock in my wife.

In preparation Mary spent another fortune on her hair and dressed in a plain skirt and white blouse. She didn’t need convincing to wear sexy underwear this time. She wore a pale pink set. A lacy, sheer bra, which provided no hiding place for her nipples, and matching knickers, which did a grand job of revealing her gorgeous triangle of auburn pubic hair. She asked me whether she should shave but I told her no, I preferred her natural and that’s how I wanted her to stay.

The week leading up to our second visit to Sam’s seemed like an eternity. I was alternately as hot as hell with the thought a man other than Dan might fuck me, and so nervous I felt I might be sick. The evening and nights with Dan were as sexually full as our honeymoon. With one major difference. I was proactive, not just lying there impersonating a stuffed doll as I did on honeymoon. Poor Dan. What must he have thought? A lifetime of shagging a non responsive lump of flesh. I had a lot to make up for.

We’d discussed the coming meeting and Dan said, with no prompting, I was free to do anything I wanted with Sam, be it a hand job, blow job or full fuck. I could tell that was true, as whenever we talked it over, his penis gave the game away by stealing every drop of blood from the rest of his body and hogging it for itself.

So this was it. Sat next to Sam, my knickers getting damp with a mind full of doubt whether I could go through with it.

Sam arranged chairs at his desk, with us on either side of him, and began displaying the images. He asked which we particularly liked, and if we wanted any more editing done on them. All very professional, but neither of us could concentrate, both anticipating what we had talked about incessantly. The photos were great and heightened the sexual tension in Mary and I. When we looked at the images of Mary taking her knickers off life became interesting. She leant towards the screen a little, placed her hand on Sam’s knee and as she did so pointed to the screen, and asked him to enlarge it.

I wasn’t certain she was referring to the image.

“Wow, that is making me so horny, how about you Dan?”

“Stiffening up nicely,” I replied which got a laugh. Mary’s hand massaged Sam’s thigh. He ignored it and continued to scroll through the pictures professionally until we got to where Mary had her legs wide apart fingering herself. I peeked at her face and realised she was getting to a point where her libido would control her actions. “God, that’s so horny. I remember thinking I wish there was a cock handy.”

Although we had talked of virtually nothing else in the last week, it still came as a huge thrill to hear my once staid wife saying it, and even more so when she continued in a hoarse whisper “Any chance Sam?” With that her hand moved to his crotch, and gently squeezed.

Sam turned to me, a questioning look on his face. I nodded.

“Go ahead.” Was that my voice? Sounded distinctly odd.

Mary’s hand squeezed and rubbed his prick through his trousers.

My dream continued. No, I kept reminding myself, this was real.

Mary took the lead, guiding Sam’s hand to her tits and encouraging him to kneed them.

How do I describe my thoughts? I’d fantasised seeing my wife with another man for years. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever expected it to become a reality, but here I was, watching her enjoy his hand going into her blouse and bra, while she unzipped him and extracted his cock.

Would Sam be well endowed, I wondered?. Somehow it’s one of those stereotype attributes of porn photographers isn’t it? He wasn’t. His cock was approximately the same size as mine, which, I guess, is sort of average.

Mary’s hand closed around it and wanked him as he pushed a hand up her skirt. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but the small groan from Mary was a hint. He must have got inside her knickers and have a finger or two well in her.

I was beside myself. I couldn’t just sit there. I pulled out my cock, which began imitating a police truncheon (I’m referring to hardness rather than length. I wish!) and slowly masturbated. No way did I want to bring myself off, but there was too much sexual energy going through me to do nothing.

Mary continued to wank Sam. He eagerly appeared to want to move it up a gear although Mary showed no such sign. I thought her concern was for me, so I said to her, in what turned out to be a cracked voice,

“Why don’t you taste Sam?”

Jeez. I had just encouraged my wife to suck off another bloke!

“Not yet,” she replied. Did I detect nervousness in her voice? Oh. Not regrets? Second thoughts? I desperately hoped not, but she showed no hint of dropping her head to take Sam’s penis in her mouth. His hand remained firmly up her skirt and, firmly in her cunt. Her legs drifted apart to give him more access, and at last I could see two of his fingers inside her, while his thumb massaged her clit. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps this was turning her on so much she didn’t want it to stop. She cupped Sam’s balls in her other hand, wanking him vigorously. Hard barely described it. Her hand was a blur up and down his shaft as she pushed his prick against his belly, then pushed it between his legs. Totally alien for Mary, or at least the Old Mary, her wanking of me had always been perfunctory, a duty not a pleasure. His hands came away from Mary’s pussy and he gripped the arms of the chair. He was trying to hold on, but Mary’s hand continued, and with a deep grunt his semen sprayed everywhere.

My wife’s head dropped, and she opened her mouth to take the final spurts, then hunting around for the spunk that had flown everywhere, she gathered it on her fingers and, looking me directly in the eye sucked them clean.

Dear reader, you have no idea of the effect on me. Until that fateful shoot Mary always dismissed as perverted my efforts to get her to suck me. Now I was watching her hungrily devouring another man’s cum. What a journey in seven days. Where I wondered would the next month, the next year, lead.

“What have I been missing?” she asked. Then, looking over at me, my cock still at full attention as I tried to process the most erotic few minutes of my life, she said: “I need more.”

She walked over, and ignoring Sam sitting only feet away, hiked her skirt up, removed her knickers and straddled me. I had no problem penetrating her. She was soaking. In fact dripping. I slid into her. She was so moist I felt no friction, so I pushed a finger into her as well which extracted an intake of breath, and she moved rhythmically, first forward and back, sliding back and forth across my thighs, then up and down, almost withdrawing my penis totally and then slapping down hard on me. No doubting who was in charge of this fuck. If you will excuse the pun, I was only along for the ride! The first time, in twenty-three years, Mary had taken the initiative.

Her hips were thrusting. She tilted her head back, her mouth wide open, with low moans escaping, and then becoming louder and more urgent as her bucking reached a crescendo. She went rigid. Her orgasm brought me to the brink, not that it needed much, I had been struggling the whole time not to shoot into her, as I desperately wanted this fuck to last. But now it was time. I came. And came. And came. My cock continuing to twitch inside her as I grabbed her hips, pulled her deep onto me, then pulled her head to mine and we sank our tongues into each other’s mouths. Heaven.

I could taste Sam’s cum. A taste I will never forget and an action I’d be repeating regularly. I remembered Sam. I looked over to see him gently massaging himself.

“Dan, you have a hell of a randy wife.”

“So it seems.”

“Too fucking hot by half. Making me cum early. God, what a missed opportunity.”

“Oh Sam, I’m so sorry, my lack of experience” she giggled. “Can I make it up to you? Ok, Dan?”

I nodded, as my adorable wife climbed off my lap and crossed over to Sam, and kneeling, gently massaged his still limp cock.

“Not sure that will be successful,” he said “no matter how much I want it. Any chance of another day?” He sighed as Mary dropped her head and took his cock in her mouth. She hadn’t answered his question (ladies don’t speak with their mouth full!), but I had no problems in wanting a repeat of this scenario. Mary continued sucking him, his head was back, and he was obviously not disliking it, but no sign of him getting back to hardness. Eventually, Mary removed his penis, kissed it gently, and said: “Yes, another day might be more interesting!”

“Is that all right darling,” she asked, “if we came back another day and I gave Sam a proper fuck?” The final word dripping with lust.

“Bloody hell, yes,” I responded, way out on a high from what had transpired today.

Not sure I can add much to this. Dan has summed it up much as I remember it. To say I was randy is an understatement. I still don’t understand how I transformed so quickly from an everyday, middle-aged, sexually repressed, housewife to a wanton slut who couldn’t get enough cock. A week earlier I hadn’t been willing to appear in my undies in front of Sam now I’d wanked him off in front of my husband and then had sex with my darling husband in front of him. I knew in my heart I needed much, much, more. Now there was no turning back.

How far will Mary go? Next week’s chapter is here!

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