A New Face

I had a great shoot with a new face yesterday and just thought you might like some details and a picture or two.

She is Ann, aged 49 and married. Her bra size is, well as she says in the video her bras are C cup but to my mind I would definitely think they were a lot larger. They certainly felt it!

She really enjoys wearing stockings and tells me she will wear them even if she goes shopping, a real rarity these days but it gives me hope!

She was great to photograph and really seemed to enjoy me lying on the floor between her legs photographing up her skirt for close ups of her knickers, when she was wearing any!

That cleavage is to die for!

Lovely cuddly Mum isn’t she? This skirt is interesting. Ann tells me that her husband loves her wearing it out. Looking at it like this it may not be anything special but if I change the lighting you will see why wearing out in public turns her husband on. If you would like to see that, leave a message.

She has some super sexy undies and I’ve got some stunning close ups of her bras and knickers

She’s really just a kid at heart because she loves playing with toys. The adult variety! Oh and did I mention what she can do with her tongue?

I also did some videos and you can take the tour of her underwear with me, watching her play with her toy and listening to the juicy sounds of her pussy.

Her first set will be next weeks update on retro-glamour.com Make sure you don’t miss it.

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2 Responses to A New Face

  1. Jim says:

    wow she is gorgeous..thank you


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