Relaunch of Bored Ladies

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be aware that I have been posting a number of photos of Ali and due to demand and her agreement, we are going to showcase her sets on

In addition there are a number of bonuses:

Bonus number one is that as you may be aware Erin has been using the site to document her sex life but she and her husband have now moved to Denmark so she will not be updating anymore but has agreed that I can leave the photos and videos of her up for your enjoyment!

Bonus number two comes from Pauline. I did a few shoots with her and put her in touch with Erin and they had some sexy fun together – see Erin’s blog – and again she has agreed to let me post lots of sets of photographs she has had taken, mainly by her husband but a few by other photographers but they will all be going up on the site.

Bonus number three comes in the form of Sara. Sara was one of my early models and I was the first photographer to shoot her and introduce her to her favourite past time – flashing! Unfortunately she no longer models but I have a large collection of her sets in my archives and there are lots of photos and videos done by another photographer that are available so I’ll post those as well. Most, if not all of her sets are floating around on the internet somewhere so please don’t write to me and castigate me for posting these in the members area when they are available elsewhere for free. I know they are and am doing it as I’ve been asked to.

Similarly as mentioned above not all the photographs or videos are mine so the quality of some is less than I would like but I think the content more than makes up for it!

Finally a lot of Sara’s videos I post will not have a soundtrack. I’m afraid the other photographer had a habit of making really purile comments and I think it totally ruins the sexiness of the films. You are much better off without sound believe me!

Finally at the moment there are the following sets on the site:

Ali 12 photo sets

Pauline 10 photosets

Erin 26 photosets and 12 videos

Sara 3 photosets and 1 video

I will be adding lots more in the next week or so but to encourage you to join now I’m offering TWO months membership for the price of one and thats only $17.95 so – as they say – don’t miss a bargain!

Anyway I hope you will enjoy whats on offer, examples below, and then go to and enjoy! I would!

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