Breaking news!

Hi all


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting on my blog for a long time. No excuse really just so much else going on.

What’s going on is that Ali has agreed to let me post her photo sets on a website. In case you don’t know her this is she:

The sets WONT be pornographic so if thats all that interests you, see paragraph below, but they will show a very sexy mature lady in sexy lingerie being just a bit naughty. She will on occasions give you a flash of nipple but its mainly going to be sexy glamour shots.

For technical reasons, I wont bore you with I’m going to add her to an existing website which at the moment has Erin showcased. This is Erin:

She most certainly does show everything. As if thats not enough I’m also going to be adding another mature lady Pauline who goes the furtherest of the three and will, apart from playing with toys, be playing with a toy boy or two! This is Pauline:

I’m hoping to get Ali launched in the next two weeks to be closely followed by some sets of Pauline and I’m going to offer a special price to start with which will be just $17.95 for 60 days – yes 2 months. This offer will only be available for a short period of time so don’t miss it. To make sure you don’t leave a message here and I’ll be sure to notify you as soon as Ali goes live,



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