Free video

Hi all

Here’s a free video for you to watch. First thing to say is that the quality is rubbish! I can’t remember what I shot this on but I’m the one that should be shot.

Having said that you might find the content enjoyable. It’s the lovely Kate in a full skirt sitting on the stairs giving you fabulous upskirt views of her slip, stocking, suspenders and knickers and then she strips of her bra to show her lovely suckable tits.

Let me say that the quality of this video is NOT comparable to those on my site. I just thought you might enjoy it rather than me just putting it in the trash bin.

Anyway it’s here:

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7 Responses to Free video

  1. roger says:

    asyou say, very poor quality. She is hot though.


  2. Unfortunately it does not play.


  3. mikebourke46 says:

    The link doesn’t work.


  4. Still does not work unfortunately. Not to worry everything else is superb Seymour.


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