New update on Retro-glamour

Hi all especially members.

I’m sorry for the long break which was due to circumstances beyond my control.

There is now a new update on the site and there will be at least 3 more this week to make up for the gap.

This first update is a video of Harriet (or Holly Kiss as most of you may know her) The still may not represent the video as I’m still having to sort out a lot of confusion on my system but I dont think you will be disappointed about the video.

Also, I can’t promise for certain, but I’m 90% sure I’m going to be able to convince my wife to start her own site or at least post some galleries on Retro, not sure which yet.

I hope that os interest. Let me know. Here’s just a couple of pics to whet your appetite. Don’t be shy in your comments. She might not be willing to show everything but she is very broadminded!


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2 Responses to New update on Retro-glamour

  1. rollys says:

    That would be great to have Ali back again,please covince her


  2. Love to worship this beautiful lady’s silky legs feeling, caressing, sniffing, kissing and licking the nylon all the way up to her red panties, then fetishing her red panties feasting slowly, longingly, lovingly and desirably on her pussy through her red panties, giving her multiple orgasms in her panties.


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