Free behind the scenes video

Sometimes when I’m shooting I will leave a video camera running to record the shoot for various reasons and I thought you might like to see this extract. The quality is not brilliant as its just left to look after itself but the content should make up for that.

Its of Cathy a super sexy MILF that I really enjoyed working with.

Here’s the link:


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3 Responses to Free behind the scenes video

  1. Outstanding video. Cathy is wonderfully obliging and puts on a superb show. The content is perfect and enthralls the viewer. Most enjoyable. Excellent.


    • seymourlegg says:

      Hi Wayne
      Sorry to be so slow in catching up with your comments. They are all very much appreciated. Glad you like my style! Lots more to come so keep watching and obviously loads more content on my sites and


  2. Thank you seymour, it is my pleasure. Love everything you post.


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