This weeks Retro-glamour update

This update if of the incomparable Sara and her very close friend Jade. Some of you may know Sara who many years ago had her own sites, the first of which I started with her. This set shows how close a friend Jade is! Sitting with their legs apart giving great upskirt views they both have a hand down their knickers feeling themselves. The set ends with them taking it in turns to stand over each other and reach up each others skirts – oh what I wouldn’t have done to swop places! – and then ends with a clinch and a kiss

s_h_18 s_h_31 s_h_42 s_h_55 sara_jade_2_42 sara_jade_2_53

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2 Responses to This weeks Retro-glamour update

  1. Absolutely sensational. Love the exciting pictures.


  2. Mum upskirt says:

    Love the various views thanks again


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