Quick video clip

Thought you might like to see a a clip from the videos that are on sophisticatedflashers.com

Marlyn and I having a coffee in the garden of an old coaching inn. She shows her tits, sits with her legs wide apart and pulls her knickers aside with cars and people all around. The highlight I think is when a car is reversing out of a parking spot behind her and she has one leg up on the bench showing her cunt to me and stockingtops and suspenders to the rest of the world. The car suddenly stops and you can see the driver watching intently for quite a while before he drives off. No doubt with a huge hard on!


Copy and paste link to download file: http://www.sophisticatedflashers.com/preview_page/Marlyn_preview/Marlyn_video_clips/marlyn_s2_1.wmv

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