Latest update –

Satine’s turn to show all this week. This video is the first from the second days shooting I did with her. We started off having a drink at a local pub. It was good weather so we sat outside. Not perhaps the nicest pub garden in the world but ideal for our purposes. It was next to the very busy car park and there was a main road passing the pub too.

Satine didn’t need to much convincing to undo her blouse showing me her bra and then getting her adorable tits out to show me.

She then gives me and the pubs customers loads of upskirts of her knickers stockings and suspenders and eventually removes her knickers there on the edge of the car park with people walking by and then shows me her hairy cunt in glorious close up. Here’s a few screen shots from the 14 minute long video. Have a look at the full video here.

picture_00019 picture_00020 picture_00021 picture_00022


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2 Responses to Latest update –

  1. Sophisticated outdoor flashing at is sexiest and finest. The picture of her touching her slip is so sexy, as of course are the others. Nothing but the best.


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