Masie Dee flashing

Just had a brief twitter conversation with Masie about her car that appeared in one of the videos she appeared in on and I sent her a few stills from the video so thought you might like to see them too. Nothing too adventurous, not like later but fun all the way through.

The one thing I remember about the car was when I had to get in the back seat to film Masie fucking herself on the gear stick, that it was a tad untidy! It was quite a job clambering over the debris in the back to get into position. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Watching Masie sink onto that gear stick in the lay-by was very very rewarding!

masie1 masie2 masie3 masie4

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2 Responses to Masie Dee flashing

  1. Seymour what an electrifying and rewarding thrill it must have been for you watching Masie sink onto that gear stick in the lay-by. Watching it penetrating her pussy would have been spectacularly erotic with her slip peeking as she pleasured herself. Love the exciting pictures and Masie Dees teasing peeking slip. Adorable very sexy fully fashioned silky sheer stockings.


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