Private photos

Its taken me years but I have at last persuaded my wife to let me post some photos of her on line. She doesn’t think there will be much interest but I hope you will disprove that.

She will only let me post some very tame ones at the moment but I think if there is enough interest she will let me put some more interesting ones on here. SO its up to you. She has said that if I can get 10 likes she will let me post more so come on guys, its a hell of a turn on for me thinking you are looking at her!

Her name by the way is Alison and she is 58 years old. More personal details to follow (perhaps!)

I know she’s not showing a lot but to even get her to allow to post the pics showing her bra and stocking tops was a real breakthrough.





Before she changes her mind here’s a few more. Please LIKE!!! Oh how I do love those knickers! You can see she’s not shaven.




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7 Responses to Private photos

  1. Ben S says:

    She looks great!!..More please!! Love it


  2. Brian says:

    Wonderful. Alison looks stunning. More details and photos. Does she model perhance?


  3. seymourlegg says:

    Thanks for you comments Ali really appreciates them and we are deciding how to proceed. She has really enjoyed showing herself off and wants to do more so watch this space!


  4. mikebourke46 says:

    Loved the pictures Alison. More and more of the them please.


  5. For 58 Alison is truly stunning. All her pictures are fabulous. I love looking up her dress at her panties, her slip. and stocking tops. She is a gorgeous sensual lady. Yes indeed I would love to see more of Alison in her slip. Thank you.


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