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So nearly 5 weeks since I last posted here. If I thought I had a lot of lady readers I would suggest I needed a good spanking for being so dilatory but as I think you are mostly male I’ll refrain! (If I’m wrong and there are ladies reading this – wel,l do get in touch)

So latest updates – firstly Michaella. As some of you will know she is one of my favourite models. A total amateur – she is a professional in the health service – she really enjoyed her time in front of the camera and for some reason she didn’t think she was sexy and was very   pleased when she got a lot of fanmail when she first appeared. Her husband was also chuffed to bits by it and I suspect they had some really hot nights after a shoot.

Michaela-7 Michaela-18 Michaela-34

Marlyn. Well, what can I say. Really bad for my blood pressure. She would drop her knickers, or in this case pull them aside, anywhere I asked her too and sometimes in places that I hadn’t. I love this style of dress; knee length so not really showing anything but plenty of opportunity to get a mind blowing worms eye view straight up her legs to knickers, stocking tops etc. Real added turn on the close proximity of passers by. There is a video of this scene on the site too. Then we went back to the car and she changed with passing traffic right next to the car.




The set of Becky is a bit different Rather than stripping she’s getting dressed but then giving plenty of views up her skirt and wantonly displaying her knickers whilst wearing a teachers gown and mortar board. Let me know if you like them and I’ll post more in the future.




Then on to a video of Holly flashing her way round a garden centre. She’s happy to drive around showing her stocking tops and bra and then gets her tits out for passing motorists to admire. We then park up in the garden centre and I give you some real close ups of those tits and nipples and then I pull Holly’s knickers aside for a close up of her juicy cunt. Then its a wander around the garden centre with Holly giving a much better display then the plants!

holly_gdnctr1a holly_gdnct2

Then this weeks update of Jessica. A real retro set with Jess being very very elegant but then shows she is wearing a great pair of stockings and suspenders with metal clasps under a super slip. She strips off and shows a delightful pair of tits.





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  1. Superb pictures of Marilyn and love the picture of Becky in her half slip. I love both sets of their pictures actually. Love to see more.


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