Recent Retro updates

Just a quick word or two about last weeks and this weeks updates on Retro-glamour.

Last week was a photo set of “Alis and daughter” really was of a Mother and her daughter. You will have seen Alis before and she talked her daughter into doing a set. Not sure that the daughter was that keen. She was happay enough when we did a lingerie set but then I insisted on doing this set and she had to be urged along by her Mother which made it all the more honey for me really getting to see what she was not wanting to reveal.





This weeks video features Jane as you will see she is engaged and I’m sure her boyfriend was not aware that she did this sort of shoot, she only let him know about the more mainstream glamour shoots she did. She was quite reluctant doing these in public – you can see the traffic going by closely in the second half – as you can tell by how she’s always looking around to make sure we weren’t being spied upon. Here’s a little clip from it – click on the photo to view.



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2 Responses to Recent Retro updates

  1. Fabulously exciting seeing mother and daughter showing off their nylon and lace slips together. Beautifully sensual.


  2. I was mesmerized and could not take my eyes off Jane’s gorgeous slip and her panties as I looked up her skirt. Her slip is luscious. Her panties look so very enticing too.


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