Some things don’t go to plan

Here’s a little bonus for you all. I had this shoot organised some years ago and had been looking forward to it ( a bit too much obviously) and we got down to doing the first video and as you will see I found the lady in question just a bit too sexy. I usually try to make the videos at least 10 minutes long but as you will see this one came to an abrupt (erupt?) end rather sooner!

Click on the photo for the video. (Quality is not the same standard as on the site)




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1 Response to Some things don’t go to plan

  1. Sensational video Seymour. What a massively exciting and stimulating thrill for you looking right up her skirt as she pulled your cock. You felt her panties and exposed her pussy lips which I noticed looked very excited. She touched herself to through her panties. Love it. Sometimes it turns out for the best when things don’t quite go to plan. Delighted you posted this video. Hope she was wearing a slip for you to. Many thanks. Wayne


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