Being professional

Whats it like, I’m asked quite often, to be so close to super sexy women who are doing sexy things. Well, the answer is, distracting! When we organise a shoot its agreed beforehand what the content will be and what is expected of the model. As you will well know some of the women appearing on my sites have no inhibitions about displaying everything with me inches away with a camera whilst others are more reserved and won’t show all they have.

I don’t think there’s one model, in fact I know there’s not,  I have photographed that if she had said lets go further,  I know I would have taken her up on the offer! But I have to stay professional. Thats not to say its easy. I remember one instance in particular when I was shooting Michaella in her bedroom. She has a great body and being so “woman next door” its very horny being close to her. In this instance she was lying on her bed with her knees raised giving me the most perfect view up her skirt and a certain part of my anatomy really really appreciated the view. Nothing I could do about it. My trousers were straining so hard I thought they might split. When I glanced up from the viewfinder Michaella was obviously well aware of what was happening inside my trousers and was smiling “that” smile


What I wouldn’t have given to be able to push my head up that skirt! Well wouldn’t you have had a hard on looking at this?

If not what about this?


So, its not that easy staying professional

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One Response to Being professional

  1. Ben S says:

    Thanks for sharing your pain..what a really challenging job you have lol. Great update and thoroughly understandable
    Great blog


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