Where’s the glamour these days?

I’m a sad old man really and don’t get out much these days but when I do it would be nice to be cheered up by the sight of glamorous women. I went to our local provincial city yesterday and hoped that I might get a few sightings but during the whole of the 3 hours I was wandering around I saw only one woman that I could say was dressed to please. Trousers mainly and if not thick black tights. Yuk!

Back in the day when I was working in the city a walk around at lunchtime would give me a good few memories to while away the afternoon but now? Nothing.

Is it just me or our local city? Do you all have plenty to look at? High heels, skirts and legs encased in nylons. I hate tights but even a few legs in sheer tights would have been good.

Oh dear. If I ruled the world:

Not sure that I would make everyday the first day of spring as Harry Secombe sang but I would:

  1. Make it mandatory for all women between the age of 18  and 40 to wear skirts, no more trousers in public.
  2. Those skirts to be no lower than 4” below the knee, as short as they like. Although personally I don’t like them too short I don’t want to be too draconian!
  3. No bare legs, all legs to be encased in sheer nylon.

How much more interesting would that make life?

Here’s an example of how I would love all ladies to dress:



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One Response to Where’s the glamour these days?

  1. Ben S says:

    I am obviously an equally sad old man!! The only add I could put on to this is fi you were visiting these same streets on a Saturday night out, you would doubtless agree that the Ladies then know how to dress to look good, even chaps like us would approve!! Ps love the vid clip


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