This weeks update – Masie

I’m sure Masie doesn’t need any introduction, a super fun girl to shoot with the naughtiest sense of humour to say nothing of her gorgeous tits and hairy pussy.

I don’t usually get in on the action but when you have Masie dressed in an elegant dress, slip, stockings and a suspender belt with metal clasps then whats a guy to do? She starts telling me whats she’s wearing and then starts off teasing me with views down her top and lifting her skirt and playing with her suspender clasps then invites me to unzip her dress. Then after opening her legs wide to show me she isn’t wearing any knickers and letting me get an eyeful of her very hairy cunt I get to let my fingers walk over her sussies and feel her nipples; teasing one whilst she teases the other. Then she starts to undo my trousers and gets a bit of a surprise (watch the video to find out what). She wraps her slip around my enlarging cock and starts to wank me slowly. She then lets me start to finger her and I slid them in to a very wet pussy and finger her off.

Here’s a selection of grabs from the video. Click here to watch a 3min trailer There’s 11 1/2 minutes of vintage Masie to watch and savour inside. If you like what you see please drop Masie a tweet at @MasieDee and tell her and hopefully she will come back and we can do loads more.

picture_00002 picture_00006 picture_00008 picture_00011 picture_00013 picture_00017 picture_00018 picture_00020 picture_00022


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4 Responses to This weeks update – Masie

  1. Ben S says:

    Not sure of who is making a meal of who in this update. terrific stuff


    • seymourlegg says:

      Reminds me of a joke from back in the 70’s when it was unusual to be shaved (thankfully)- A man goes into a wig shop for a new wig and sees in the display cabinet some triangular hair pieces “What are they” he asks the assistant. “Oh they are for women who are shaved but want to be hairy sometimes” “Oh” says the man “can I buy one?” “Yes” says the assistant “shall I wrap it?” “No thanks” says the man “I’ll eat it here”


  2. Ben S says:

    Retro humour and retro glamour!! ” two for price of one lol. Like it


  3. Masie is gorgeous and her full slip is beautifully elegant and stunning. Feeling her glorious slip wrapped around your enlarging cock and Masie wanking you slowly must have sent electrifying sensations through your body Seymour. She then lets you start to finger her and you slid them in to a very wet pussy and finger her off, it must have been the greatest thrill imaginable. Makes my cock throb thinking about all this. So love to feel her silky nylon slip around my cock. The pictures are fabulous. .


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