This weeks Retro-glamour update

A blast from the past or at least my past. This weeks update is a photoshoot of Sara and Kylie from some years back. It was the first photoshoot that Sara had ever done. She was incredibly nervous which for any of you who know her flashing exploits will perhaps come as a bit of a surprise. But she loved it in front of the camera and went on to have a couple of her own sites which very much specialised in flashing her undies and tits all around East Anglia. She was actually introduced to me by Kylie and they had some fun doing this shoot although Sara was so nervous. She did a shoot on her own after this duo which I will post in which she actually pulled her knickers aside something I could not get her to do again. I think in fact she was just too nervous to say no! So if you are a Sara fan watch out for that set. Sara was really quite Bi and whenever there was another girl involved she was more than ready to kiss fully on the lips and just loved fondling their boobs.

I did come across some of the flashing videos I did with her and will post them here as they are not really long enough to go on and they are no longer on the web.

Sara_and_Kyle-1 Sara_and_Kyle-28 Sara_and_Kyle-65 Sara_and_Kyle-66 Sara_and_Kyle-91

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One Response to This weeks Retro-glamour update

  1. Sara and Kylie are so sexy as they upskirted flashing their slips and panties while they fondle and kiss. Beautifully sexy.


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