Hi fellow upskirters

Hi Welcome to my blog on all things up skirt (and a good quantity of down blouse too!)

For those of you who found their way here other than via my sites I need to declare an interest in that I run 2 sites very much dedicated to my love of upskirt views. They are www.retro-glamour.com and www.sophisticatedflashers.com There will be details about them on this blog but also plenty else that I hope will interest you all.

I’ve had a passion all my life for getting glimpses up skirts and have spent many a happy hour hunting for the flash of underwear a good look brings. Not so much to see nowadays of course. Back when I was a much younger man, women of all ages wouldn’t venture out of the house in bare legs and that meant stockings. But now? When was the last time you actually saw a woman wearing stockings out? GO on be honest, no fantasy, For that matter when was the last time you saw a woman wearing a skirt! They seem to be getting endangered now as well.  The last time evidence of stockings was at a wedding I was photographing when the brides sister got a little excited and started kicking her legs high. There was definitely stocking top there although even there hold ups; I’m pretty sure not supported by suspenders.

Hey ho, anyway what I’m going to try and do with this blog is bring together the best images and videos I can find of true upskirts. Feel free to contribute – if you are lucky enough to have a wife or partner who wears stockings and will let us peek up her skirt to see them and her knickers please please let me have a photo to publish.

Here’s just a couple to get the ball rolling. If they are not mine they are published with the web owners permission.

Click on the photo to see more

Lying between Catherines legs – Oh my!

Click on the pic to see more of her

Michaella got such a buzz from opening her legs like this

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7 Responses to Hi fellow upskirters

  1. Doug Only says:

    More of Jane!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. David Lippincott says:

    how might I acquire everything that has JANE in it? She reminds me of a girl I used to work with.


    • seymourlegg says:

      Hi, the easiest way would probably be to join my site retro-glamour.com You can download zip files of all the photo sets of her and the videos. There are some sets of her not yet posted on there but there are quite a few. Failing that I could parcel everything I have on her and sell it to you as one. If that could be of interest let me know and I’l let you know and work out a price.
      PS Lucky you working with someone like that!

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  3. Mum upskirt says:

    Gorgeous view why can’t more ladies when they are out and about show more like this it looks very sensual and affectionate looking!!!!!!. Tried to get a snap of my mature mother but was caught she doesn’t mind me looking up her skirt ,but didn’t like me taking the photo . So didn’t get it didn’t want to spoil a good thing I had going with her upskirt viewing. !!!!!!! wise move don’t you think??


    • George My says:

      My late mother was of the same mind of your mother . She didn’t mind mind me have peeps up her skirt to see what she was wearing. As long as I didn’t make if too ooo obvious she would always smile at me as if to say you have my permission to look up my skirt if you wish . Would love to share the feelings we both had for up skirting our mother’s.
      My email address is as follows!!! George took strong mail.com


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