Hi fellow upskirters

Hi Welcome to my blog on all things up skirt (and a good quantity of down blouse too!)

For those of you who found their way here other than via my sites I need to declare an interest in that I run 2 sites very much dedicated to my love of upskirt views. They are www.retro-glamour.com and www.sophisticatedflashers.com There will be details about them on this blog but also plenty else that I hope will interest you all.

I’ve had a passion all my life for getting glimpses up skirts and have spent many a happy hour hunting for the flash of underwear a good look brings. Not so much to see nowadays of course. Back when I was a much younger man, women of all ages wouldn’t venture out of the house in bare legs and that meant stockings. But now? When was the last time you actually saw a woman wearing stockings out? GO on be honest, no fantasy, For that matter when was the last time you saw a woman wearing a skirt! They seem to be getting endangered now as well.  The last time evidence of stockings was at a wedding I was photographing when the brides sister got a little excited and started kicking her legs high. There was definitely stocking top there although even there hold ups; I’m pretty sure not supported by suspenders.

Hey ho, anyway what I’m going to try and do with this blog is bring together the best images and videos I can find of true upskirts. Feel free to contribute – if you are lucky enough to have a wife or partner who wears stockings and will let us peek up her skirt to see them and her knickers please please let me have a photo to publish.

Here’s just a couple to get the ball rolling. If they are not mine they are published with the web owners permission.

Click on the photo to see more

Lying between Catherines legs – Oh my!

Click on the pic to see more of her

Michaella got such a buzz from opening her legs like this

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  1. Doug Only says:

    More of Jane!!!


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