Takes from the Studio – The Ups and downs of a porn photographer

Behind the scenes. The perhaps not so glamorous life of a porn photographer. (Not sure that in the main I regard what I shoot as porn but can’t think of a suitable description. If you can then answers on a postcard to …….

Ok. So there we are all set to go with a new model. I’ve had various email discussions with her. She seemed professional and asked the right questions and responded to my queries.

We discussed the arrangements. She will be travelling by train. Is that ok? Yep. I can pick her up from station. Which station?  I tell her. Ok she says, I’ll check on train times and cost and get back to you. An email a day later and she asks for the national debt to cover her travelling expenses. Now I know rail tickets are not cheap but this seems a bit OTT. I ask her to confirm details. She is trying to book to a station some 165 miles away from me. Not even a similar sounding name. Not boding well, but hey I press on, she is very sexy. She sorts out right train (I hope)…

 Time of arrival scheduled for 10.20am train. (It’s amazing how many models don’t drive. A much higher proportion I think than the population generally. Dizzy blonde syndrome?) 

I drive to the station and await train. Train arrives. People disembark. I wait whilst they file out of station. Now, not withstanding that makeup and hairstyling and clothes can make a huge difference to how a model looks in real life I find it difficult to believe she is either the 40ish year old bald bloke or the old lady hobbling through with the help of a walking frame.  

I wait a few more minutes in case she has popped into the loo or something, but there’s no sign. I phone her mobile. It goes into voice mail. Joy. Another wasted journey and another non show. 

I start the 10 mile drive back to the studio. About half way back the phone rings. It’s MIA model. (That’s missing in action not Mia as in… oh, you get the point. )

“So sorry,” she says, “I went to sleep and missed the stop. I’ll get off at the next and get a train back”

Now, some models seem to have led sheltered lives,  being brought up in a town or city where the infrastructure caters for their every need and train stations are every couple of miles and trains every few minutes. Out here in the sticks it’s a bit different. The next station up the line is about 15 miles away and trains only run once an hour so if she arrives just after one’s left god knows when I’ll see her. 

I ask her to let me know when she finds out on her arrival at the next stop. I drive back to the studio to await developments. The phone rings. First good news of the morning, train back is leaving as she speaks. I get back in car and return to station. She arrives. Wonderful. Our 4 hour shoot is reduced to two but at least I get something out of the day. 

Postscript. I am not going to reveal who it was, but I have to admit that I rebooked her and she was a brilliant model to work with. The path of true porn does not always run smooth!

None of the following images are of the model above. I just thought I’d post them to relieve the monotony of reading my drivel. Do please leave a message if you have enjoyed reading this or any other entry. I might even get round to writing one regularly!

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Technical problems

Hi All

Just a quick note. We seem to be experiencing difficulties with retro-glamour site at the moment. It comes up with a holding page. We are looking into it and will resolve it as soon as possible. Please bear with us.

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Bored Ladies revamp complete

I’m pleased, and relieved, to say that the revamp of boredladies.com is now complete.

There are now 6 ladies on there. My favourite six that I have shot regularly in the past. Hopefully there’s something for everyone. They cover the whole spectrum of ages from young Katie in her 20’s to Pauline in her 60’s. Styles vary too, we go from lovely Alis who I could not convince to take off her bra but who was not adverse to showing her underwear out and about, up to Pauline who loved doing hardcore with any cock around but particularly’ younger ones, via Katie who loves role play and really gets turned on with bondage and spanking to that super sexy MILF Erin who so enjoys opening her legs and getting large toys deep inside her. Then there’s glamorous granny Ali, who will when in the mood go topless but she has the most appealing range of lingerie to show you and finally tall and leggy and a lovely hairy pussy which she is not shy to display.

There is a totally FREE full set of each of the Super Six for you to enjoy so do go and check out the site at boredladies.com

Meanwhile here’s a sample of each to keep you company.

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A New Face

I had a great shoot with a new face yesterday and just thought you might like some details and a picture or two.

She is Ann, aged 49 and married. Her bra size is, well as she says in the video her bras are C cup but to my mind I would definitely think they were a lot larger. They certainly felt it!

She really enjoys wearing stockings and tells me she will wear them even if she goes shopping, a real rarity these days but it gives me hope!

She was great to photograph and really seemed to enjoy me lying on the floor between her legs photographing up her skirt for close ups of her knickers, when she was wearing any!

That cleavage is to die for!

Lovely cuddly Mum isn’t she? This skirt is interesting. Ann tells me that her husband loves her wearing it out. Looking at it like this it may not be anything special but if I change the lighting you will see why wearing out in public turns her husband on. If you would like to see that, leave a message.

She has some super sexy undies and I’ve got some stunning close ups of her bras and knickers

She’s really just a kid at heart because she loves playing with toys. The adult variety! Oh and did I mention what she can do with her tongue?

I also did some videos and you can take the tour of her underwear with me, watching her play with her toy and listening to the juicy sounds of her pussy.

Her first set will be next weeks update on retro-glamour.com Make sure you don’t miss it.

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Here’s glamorous Jess caught doing up her suspenders.

If you want to see what the rest of her underwear looks like. Leave me a message. 5 messages gets you to see her lingerie. 10 gets her tits out of her bra.

Don’t forget to double click on the photo if you want to see every stitch.

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Upskirt view to die for (2)

I think there is something incredibly erotic about a middle aged woman lifting her skirt so I can gaze longingly at her underwear. Feast my eyes on her stocking tops her suspenders with metal clasps and then those incredible white lacy knickers. Oh, to get inside them.

Cathy once told me that her teenage son had told her that all his mates considered her the best MILF at their school. I’m sure they did!

Don’t forget to click a couple of times on the photo. You can then count the stitches in those knickers!

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Upskirt view to die for

Look how happy she is for me to be lying on the floor looking straight up her skirt. Look at those stocking tops. You can just see the edge of a metal clasp of her suspenders. Look at thos knickers. Loose legged french knickers. So easy to get my hand in to feel those moist lips.

Don’t forget to click on the photo a couple of times to get up close and intimate!

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Watching her adjust her suspenders

Want to lend her a hand? Or get closer and look up her skirt and admire her knickers? Or perhaps you prefer the view down her jacket to her bra and those gorgeous tits? Check out what I did at retro-glamour.com

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Todays large image

I’m going to try to post here every day an upskirt style image at full resolution so you can see every stitch of underwear. Today it’s Jess. Just click on the image a couple of times and you will see the large version. Hope you enjoy.

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Up close

Just some random photos of MILF Erin from boredladies.com With a couple of clicks on the photos you can be up close and very personal! Don’t forget there’s masses more of her at boredladies.com  


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