Who are the Ladies?

I’m asked quite often about the ladies I photograph so I thought you might be interested if I gave you a bit of background information on some of them. You will realise for obvious reasons that I can’t/won’t give you full details but what I say about them will be true.

Lets start with one of my own favourites Michaella, working in health care by profession.

She was introduced to me by Sara who had met her at some do in the local county town. They had hit it off straight away and Sara being Sara started flashing at the event much to Michaella’s and her husbands astonishment. (Michaella actually wondered if it was a sort of candid camera stunt) but it was obviously a turn on for her so she very happily joined in!

Sara encouraged her to do some modelling and we set up a shoot at her house. I hadn’t seen any photos of her so did not know what to expect but was highly delighted when she opened the front door to me in her underwear, wearing a white slip over white bra and knickers.

We sat and discussed what she was prepared to do, how far she would strip off etc over a coffee with her husband there as well. She said that she was prepared to go topless but did not want to strip off totally of do any open leg shots. I explained that the sets I had in  ind were more upskirt and this she was happy with. Indeed it was obvious as we got into the shot she found the whole idea of me lying on the floor looking straight up her skirt and poking my camera up there a great turn on and she admitted afterwards that she found it gave her a sense of power, looming over a helpless old man!

These were from her very first set,  you can see how relaxed she was!:

From then we did a number of shoots including video and she really did prove to be a natural in front of the camera and those tits of hers are to die for! Unfortunately it was a question of look but don’t touch!

As she got bolder I hoped that she would progress to some open leg shots and toys but the best I could do was to get her knickerless:

An added bonus of her being an amateur was that she was not shaved. I think its much sexier with a hairy pussy but most professional models will shave as thats what most photographers demand and its not something that can be varied day to day.

Unfortunately she decided to stop modelling a while back for a number of reasons.

I do miss her.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you did please let me know and I’ll do a whole series of them.

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Special Spring offer

I’ve been neglecting this blog of late but I’ll be getting back to posting some interesting bits and pieces soon but in the meantime don’t miss out on my special Spring offer.

If you join Retro-glamour.com before the end of April 2018 I’ll give you a free one month subscription of both sophisticatedflashers.com and boredladies.com

Go and have a look at all three sites then join here. I’ll then e-mail you your membership details for the other two sites.

Don’t leave it too long it will only be available till the end of the month.

Here’s an example from each. There’s photo sets and video on all of them.

From retro-glamour.com

From sophisticatedflashers.com

From Boredladies.com


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Hi all

I’m sorry there is a delay in updates. We recently had an attack on the sites and that closed them for a couple of days. We have now rectified that but we need to do a lot of work behind the scenes before I can load any new material. Please bear with me and I’ll make sure that all the sites are brought up to date ASAP.



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Christmas Offer

As a special offer to all followers I’m offering a super bonus to anyone joining retro-glamour.com for 3 months. If you do that before 31 December 2017 I’ll give you a FREE 90 membership of my other 2 sites sophisticatedflashers.com and boredladies.com

Just join via Retro-glamour.com in the usual way and I’ll pick up your membership and add your free membership to the other two sites.

This will only be available until the end of the year so join now!

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Relaunch of Bored Ladies

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be aware that I have been posting a number of photos of Ali and due to demand and her agreement, we are going to showcase her sets on Boredladies.com

In addition there are a number of bonuses:

Bonus number one is that as you may be aware Erin has been using the site to document her sex life but she and her husband have now moved to Denmark so she will not be updating anymore but has agreed that I can leave the photos and videos of her up for your enjoyment!

Bonus number two comes from Pauline. I did a few shoots with her and put her in touch with Erin and they had some sexy fun together – see Erin’s blog – and again she has agreed to let me post lots of sets of photographs she has had taken, mainly by her husband but a few by other photographers but they will all be going up on the site.

Bonus number three comes in the form of Sara. Sara was one of my early models and I was the first photographer to shoot her and introduce her to her favourite past time – flashing! Unfortunately she no longer models but I have a large collection of her sets in my archives and there are lots of photos and videos done by another photographer that are available so I’ll post those as well. Most, if not all of her sets are floating around on the internet somewhere so please don’t write to me and castigate me for posting these in the members area when they are available elsewhere for free. I know they are and am doing it as I’ve been asked to.

Similarly as mentioned above not all the photographs or videos are mine so the quality of some is less than I would like but I think the content more than makes up for it!

Finally a lot of Sara’s videos I post will not have a soundtrack. I’m afraid the other photographer had a habit of making really purile comments and I think it totally ruins the sexiness of the films. You are much better off without sound believe me!

Finally at the moment there are the following sets on the site:

Ali 12 photo sets

Pauline 10 photosets

Erin 26 photosets and 12 videos

Sara 3 photosets and 1 video

I will be adding lots more in the next week or so but to encourage you to join now I’m offering TWO months membership for the price of one and thats only $17.95 so – as they say – don’t miss a bargain!

Anyway I hope you will enjoy whats on offer, examples below, and then go to boredladies.com and enjoy! I would!

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Breaking news Part 2

I mean’t to add as an added bonus if there’s enough interest I’ll also post the photo sets that I have of Sara. These are all old sets and to a large expent are already scattered around the internet but if you can’t be arsed to look for them and would like me to post them as a bonus I’ll be happy too but I’ll need your requests to do it. It will just be an added bonus for members.

Also I should say that there will be a weekly update of Ali and once she is up and running a weekly one of Pauline too.

In case you don’t know her this is Sara:

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Breaking news!

Hi all


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting on my blog for a long time. No excuse really just so much else going on.

What’s going on is that Ali has agreed to let me post her photo sets on a website. In case you don’t know her this is she:

The sets WONT be pornographic so if thats all that interests you, see paragraph below, but they will show a very sexy mature lady in sexy lingerie being just a bit naughty. She will on occasions give you a flash of nipple but its mainly going to be sexy glamour shots.

For technical reasons, I wont bore you with I’m going to add her to an existing website which at the moment has Erin showcased. This is Erin:

She most certainly does show everything. As if thats not enough I’m also going to be adding another mature lady Pauline who goes the furtherest of the three and will, apart from playing with toys, be playing with a toy boy or two! This is Pauline:

I’m hoping to get Ali launched in the next two weeks to be closely followed by some sets of Pauline and I’m going to offer a special price to start with which will be just $17.95 for 60 days – yes 2 months. This offer will only be available for a short period of time so don’t miss it. To make sure you don’t leave a message here and I’ll be sure to notify you as soon as Ali goes live,



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Retro-Glamour Updates

Hi to all members,

I’m sorry there has been a delay in updating the site but we have been moving servers. That is all now finished so I will add a new gallery tomorrow (Monday 1 May) and then another later in the week to catch up.

Here’s a quick preview of tomorrow’s. Alis waiting at the station and giving lots of great classic undies flashes.

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Free video

Hi all

Here’s a free video for you to watch. First thing to say is that the quality is rubbish! I can’t remember what I shot this on but I’m the one that should be shot.

Having said that you might find the content enjoyable. It’s the lovely Kate in a full skirt sitting on the stairs giving you fabulous upskirt views of her slip, stocking, suspenders and knickers and then she strips of her bra to show her lovely suckable tits.

Let me say that the quality of this video is NOT comparable to those on my site. I just thought you might enjoy it rather than me just putting it in the trash bin.

Anyway it’s here: http://retroglamour.com/Video_free/Katesfavoutfit.wmv

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Ashleigh update now on Retro Glamour

Second update of the week features the large tits of Ashley and her rather sexy loose french knickers! Check her out here.

and as a bonus hers another pic of my wife!

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